A Quick Note To NFL Enthusiasts.  

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I know you love your team, but if you're feeling the need to brand the propane tank on your grill with a team affiliation, then I think you could be taking it a bit too far. I'm quite sure that your grill will still sizzle your Sunday sirloin with the same savory scents no matter what the team affiliation you've branded it with. How's that for alliteration.

And I'm also quite sure that your dog will still crap on the front lawn and lick his junk just the same if it's not wearing YOUR favorite team colors. I mean, how do you even know your dog is a Bills fan? I am, but that doesn't mean that I need to push my team affiliation onto my dog. It can be a Browns, Steelers, or even a Patriots fan if it likes. Of course, if it decides to root for the Cowboys, then I'll be forced to make him sleep outside.

Now stop reading blogs and go watch todays games. Feel free to sport your team jersey, while drinking out of your team cup, wrapped up in your team blanket, but be warned — If I see your dog wearing a team sweater, I'm stripping that bitch naked.

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8 Squirrels Squirreling

Nowadays, if I was a Browns fan, I'd probably turn to licking my own junk, too. At least that provides a bit more entertainment.

i think dog jerseys are cool. winnie proudly wears an alabama jersey (#12 like joe namath) every time the tide plays, and the shit works! look at the tide this season!

that's why i'm glad this post only refers to NFL teams.

When it comes to team paraphernalia, Rickey's not a big fan of turning his house into a sports museum. Rickey's still a grown man, goddamnit.

i used to like rickey. but not anymore, asshole.

By Winnie, do you mean Winnie Cooper? That girl gave Kevin a hard time, poor-poor-poor Kevin. Rickey told me that you have branded your car to look like the San Diego Padres bullpen car from the 80's. Really? Couldn't you pick a better team then that?

Yes, my dog is named after the Super Cooper.

Where's the masthead? I like the new layout but miss the pic of the MC Squirrel.

And btw, my voice sounds sweet 'cause it hasta.

I do like the moving drinking squirrel by your ranking on HB. I could watch it all night, but I won't.

You're damn right about the whole Cowboys thing!

I have just installed iStripper, so I can watch the sexiest virtual strippers on my desktop.

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