Things Craig Didn't Like Me Posting On His List (pt. 4)  

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Another day, another Craigs List rejection.

Posted in the "Free Stuff" section of Craigs List:

Posted in the "Lost & Found" section of Craigs List:

These two posts went up in the "Free Stuff" and "Lost & Found" sections of C.L. in the cities of: Austin (TX), San Francisco (CA), Brooklyn (NY), Atlanta (GA), Boston (MA), and Richmond (VA).

By the way Virginia, it's 2008 and you might want to update some of your racist city names!

Give a squirrel a nut :)

13 Squirrels Squirreling

Crabcakes and kool-aid.

Sounds like Craig had quite a party.

blacksburg is better than whitesburg....or racistville.

Excellent reality-based work!

By the way, you may not believe this, but with the exception of the freezer bags and trash bags, I have a recipe that uses everything on Craig's lost list.

I have a recipe that uses only the trash bags and freezer bags! It's low calorie.

That's awesome! Well done!

And there's a Lynchburg in Tennessee too, I think. I'm trying to remember if that's where I went to some Jack Daniels brewery or something. Perhaps one of your readers more local to the area can confirm that.

Give the donkey a name!!!

OMG...haha hella funny post!

Mmm Jack Daniels. Goats & Squirrels love J.D.

I think we should have an Iron Chef competition with just the items on that list...Doug could make some tasty treats, while Space Monkey cooks us up some low calorie plastic delights.

Jinksy, Hypocritical One, Nessykins and Nanny Goat can taste test.

rockin' hot list, like, totally.

craigslist, ah craigslist....I think this has to be one of my favorite posts of all time:

This is your best one yet! I was crackin up in my office, especially when I got to the lost & found post. How long did these ones survive?

LMAO... Oh my lord... You are so hilarious... This was totally ingenious!!!! Love the Pikachu thing too. You are totally right about that... It's killin me that Craig's list rejected you.

Yes, Lynchburg is where the Jack Daniels joint is... I don't live there. But I know...

Thanks, yeah these were taken down immediately in every city, they lasted the longest in San Fran again. Only had time to get 3 comments on them from C.L. peeps.

How much were you asking for the donkey? I have a nice collection but it will not be complete until I have a purple one.

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