Things Craig Didn't Like Me Posting On His List (pt. 3)  

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Back by popular demand, here is yet another of my Craigs List postings. As you know, these postings are usually flagged and instantaneously removed before anyone can comment on them, and if anyone does happen to sneak a comment in it’s usually a very irritated response expressing utter discontent that someone dare take light of the Über serious forum known as Craigs List “Free Stuff”.

This time I actually had something REAL to give away, a lock of hair which I was pushing as an instant mustache. So I decided to cast my net out to some different C.L. cities across America to test which had the best sense of humor and which were the crabbiest. Here is the list of cities below and the results:

NY (Brooklyn & Manhattan), Illinois (Chicago), Texas (Austin), California (LA & San Francisco)

NY, Chicago, and LA were the cities to flag and remove the post quickest and also the ones contributing the most negative comments.

While Austin Texas and San Francisco CA supplied the most and funniest responses. The post was eventually flagged and removed in Austin, but to my amazement this posting STILL remains active (at the time of this posting) in the Haight Ashbury section of San Francisco. Proving that the coolest people in my sample currently live in San Fran.

So on to the actual posting and the great responses to it.
Some of these had me rolling. (click the postings to enlarge)

BTW: "Jade" from San Francisco is the lucky recipient of the stash. I'll be sending it out to him this week and he also volunteered to take pics wearing the stash, so stay tuned for follow-up pics of the glorious stash in action!

12 Squirrels Squirreling

Yeay! Another craigs list post. It just leaves me wanting more and more craigs list posts. You've cornered the market on funny!!

I now have a solution to my pre-pubescent mustache syndrome!!!! THANK YOU!!!!

Dang. I've always wanted a mustache. Guess I'll have to put Craig's List in my reader.

I would just let it hang on one side and be a Shaolin master that was making a bad decision and came to his senses half way through.

LOL! Of course The Haight is the coolest, it takes a lot to shock them!

Dude, these posts are pure comedic genius. I cracked up a few times at this post and the comments. Jade was a well-deserved recipient of the stash.

too damn funny

Rickey awards you 10 million points for your inclusion of KEITH HERNANDEZ (aka, moustache man-god) in your picture. Well done sir. Well done indeed.

This might be the funniest blog post I have ever read! And, I needed it after working til 10:30pm tonight.

Why don't you post in Atlanta? We've got humor and stuff. If cities with lots of gays are the best for this kind of tomfoolery, we qualify fo' sho'!

This is way funny. You've made a lot of "listers" laugh with this one, and possibly even a little more (i.e. Lorilei) *nudge nudge wink wink*

This is way funny. You've made a lot of "listers" laugh with this one, and possibly even a little more (i.e. Lorilei) *nudge nudge wink wink*

Please continue this forever.


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