What Exactly Is Dora Exploring?  

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I was looking for a gift for my friends daughter a few months ago and I came across this Dora The Explorer toy called "Aqua Pet."

Is it just me or does the shape of this toy imply that dora might be exploring a whole new world of toys.
WTF, who lets these toys slide by for approval?

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I wish I could say Dora was my favorite pet, but I think Dora is Dora's favorite pet.

I have 2 kids who watch Dora religiously...no more than religiously because they actually believe it.

Now I'm nervous.

i think someone needs to come up with a new quality review process before toys hit the shelves: the dirty mind screen. obviously they're not currently using this process, or this never would have passed.

I think she's exploring outer space now. I see what you mean, it kinda looks like a rocket. ;)

Every comment I could think of was highly inappropriate. I am at a loss for words for the first time ever.

It is most definitely not "just" you. This is a "what were they thinking?" moment.

So, Amazon carries them you say??

Ha, yes Amazon carries them...so now you can use the excuse "What?! I was just buying it for my kid."

Yes we def need a better system of review implemented for new toys. It's as if some kid who doesn't have a dirty mind (like us adults) is reviewing all the toys. Perhaps a certain kid who made a wish on a Zoltar machine to be Big. Paging Mr. Hanks.

That's awesome. The battery-powered Agua "Pet" and the "Interactive" Friend. You're right... it looks like our little girl is doing some exploring of her own!

i am absolutely appalled. where can i get one?

HA! I think I just figured out my next career move. I'll whore myself out as a consultant to all of the toy companies to screen for things like this. I'll be perfect for it! Thanks AK!


I remember this one too...


GREAT FIND! Who knew I wouldn't have to sneak into the adult bookstore in the cover of darkness, but be able to boldly enter Target in the light of day to find what I need.

Steph, thanks to the wonder of the Internets you don't have to brave Target OR those windowless places where the cars back in to hide their license plates.....to, as you say, find what you need.

Holy Crap! I want one!

Also a great gift for newlyweds!

I can across your blog on humor-blogs.com and I am laughing hysterically!! I love it!

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