And The Award For Creepiest Guitar Goes To...  

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Now I’ve seen some crazy guitars in my time.

But I recently saw a guitar that takes the carrot cake. Apparently this guy took a mannequin body and transformed it into a working electric guitar.
Check this out:

Now I'm not sure which is creepier, the fact that this thing was ever made,
or that this write-up I found of it describes it as “a sexy girl.”

First of all, this is a mannequin.
Second of all this is a mannequin of a child.
I don't know how you roll, but personally, I only like to sex-up adult mannequins.

There we go, Andrew McCarthy had the right idea!

So is this guitar sexy? I think this guitar is awesome, and I'm a little pissed I didn't think of it myself. But sexy?
I think this photo taken of me checking it out on the computer answers that question.

*Live naked photo of The Acorn King relaxing at home

14 Squirrels Squirreling

I don't even want to know where they put the whammy bar.

mmmmm - thanks for the eye candy!!

that is creepy. i need a shower.

Clearly that site was to draw out all the lurking pedophiles...good luck in court...

egad mannequins are creepy... thanks for the nightmare fuel!

Just imagine how much more creepy this guitar would be if he came out with a double-neck version of it...and like 'The Hypocritical One' said...I don't want to know where they put the whammy bar!

What the?!? Freaky. And thanks for crossing your leg in that last shot. I haven't had my coffee yet.

You're looking a little stiff in that picture.


I thought you'd have at least one tattoo.

Dude, that's just freakin creepy.

There are so many things wrong with this post.

This comment has been removed by the author.

If I were a mannequin and my job was to stand around wearing clothes all day... the first thing I'd do after walking in my front door is strip naked, sit down and look at weird guitars online. Nothing strange about that.

I bet seeing that poor armless mannequin made you want to write a firm letter to the government about mannequin rights. Personally I'm sick of people displaying decapitated mannequins... It's sick!

Enjoy watching live sex cams? You will not forget BongaCams.

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