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BREAKING NEWS: Reports have been flooding into Awesome Town regarding a bizarre rash reaction caused by jellyfish stings. It appears that victims stung by this new species of jellyfish have found a rash to occur within seconds of contact. The rash then morphs, bizarrely transforming into the unmistakable image of a celebrity profile.

Four such cases have been reported in the past month along the shore communities of: Long Beach (CA), New London (CT), Miami Beach (FL) and Coney Island (NY).

Documented case #1:

Rash begins to darken.

Rash lightens, revealing a human likeness beneath.

Rash fully develops, revealing the profile of ex Mötley Crüe drummer
Tommy Lee.

Documented case #2:

Rash begins to redden around effected area.

Rash has now begun to spread.

Rash reaches its final stage, revealing the profile of controversial boxing promoter Don King.

Documented case #3:

Rash begins to spread.

Rash darkens.

Rash begins to fade.

Rash completely fades, revealing pop sensation Justin Timberlake.

Documented case #4:

Mr. Awesome says: "Treat a jellyfish sting by peeing on it"

After peeing on the area we begin to see a human likeness.

Rash develops to reveal R&B singer R. Kelly.

In a related note:
One onlooker was quoted as saying "I wish I would get stung and have the Virgin Mary appear, I could make some serious cash off that...but with my luck the closest I'd get would be Madonna."

8 Squirrels Squirreling

I was walking through a trailer park once and stubbed my toe on someones front yard car bumper decoration.. I fell backwards into an old rusted lawn mower and face planted into a shallow kiddie pool.

Two days later I had a bruise on my foot that looked just like Brittney Spears, a huge rash shaped as Kid Rock on my back and my hair stopped growing on the top and sides creating a mullet effect. I went into the Dr. but he said all he could do for me was sign me up for welfare.

all things considered, you'd think other types of rashes would look like tommy lee...

Totally, I think Tommy Lee prob has his own encyclopedia of rash reactions.

Ah, nostalgia.

Totally. Had to bring one back from the old school.

Speaking of Tommy Lee, Motley Crue was just on Larry King a week or so ago, did you catch it?

I love this blog post. How you get Justin Timberlake and R Kelly is priceless!

Didn't catch it. I'm guessing he was either plugging a new album, or a bad reality show. Or um...maybe a new sex tape.

Shouldn't this somehow be considered a "miracle" by the Vatican?

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