I Hate The Metric System  


Was this the European release of the movie 8 Mile?
I hate the freakin' metric system, it always screws with my enjoyment of the Olympics.

I shouldn't have to refer to the inside metric conversion table of my Trapper Keeper just to check how impressive a world record is. Is it just me...or does the metric system really suck?

I dunno, just pass me that Royale with cheese.

5 Squirrels Squirreling

Ha HA!
I help with Spanish speaking patients at work sometimes and this guy yesterday was trying to figure out how many centimeters were in and inch (a statue he was sanding broke 2 bones in his arm, he was trying to figure out how big it was).
I'm like don't look at me! I learned how many inches were in a foot!

Awesome, glad others are feeling my pain. Down with the metric system!

They say it wouldn't be such an issue if we went metric. Then we wouldn't have to convert. But who wants to do that?

How many pounds to rent it on DVD?

I'm in complete agreement with you on weights and measures but I must say the metric clock has simplified my life immensely.

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