Things Craig Didn't Like Me Posting On His List (pt. 2)  

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So I put another Craigs List post up last night and this time my posting only lasted a whole nine minutes before being flagged and removed. I guess nobody wants free stool these days.

16 Squirrels Squirreling

Keep trying, don't give up, and REMEMBER - it's totally their problem, not yours, that they apparently don't give a shit about shit! Don't take it personally.

here's where you went wrong. two words - yak poop.

Let me know if you ever find a matching set.

Darn those no-goodniks over at Craigslist. That's one of the funniest damned things I've seen in awhile.

Should have lasted at least half an hour before some jerk had it pulled off the site.

Still, try stuff like the "free stool stunt" regularly and post the results here. I could use the laugh...

The Natural State Hawg

I think this might be proof that capitalism is dead.

I'm seeing this Craig List series leading to a book deal. Keep it up!

ha thats great. however, i think that piece of poo looks like a penis.

Ha, thanks all. I'll keep trying to set records on how long my postings for FREE things can stay up on Craigs List. One day I will break thru...or at least have my account revoked. Either way.


In an odd way, your Craig's List adventure inspired my latest rant.

See it right here -- Will The Hawg reach Jeff Foxworthy?

Try eBay. You can sell anything on eBay. If a guy can get $565 for an empty Fritos bag (featured on Jay Leno), you could surely get a few bucks for a dog turd that looks like a c*ck.

(Incidentally? That "jay leno fritos bag ebay" string just brought you a shitload of Google hits. You can thank me later.)

Those damn Craigslist people....they were probably FURIOUS that they weren't getting something for free off Craigslist....and flagged your post.

Did you at least get a few votes to the "greatest of" Craigslist?

It probably got flagged by the guy who was selling feces for $1 per poopful.

Free? What are you Bill Gates?

I had no idea they monitored the postings so closely. How does one get a job being a Craigs List screener?

that was awesome! if only long beach weren't so far away, i'd totally take you up on this.

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