How to tell if a gymnast is underage.  

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Is everyone sick of blog posts about the Olympics yet? Well here's one more,
but I promise I'll keep it quick.

I'm sure most of you have heard about the controversy surrounding the Chinese female gymnastics team and how some of them are believed to be younger than the minimum age of 16 yrs old.

Well the International Olympic Committee has finally ordered an investigation into the age of Chinese gold metalist He Kexin, who's birth records surfaced on a Chinese website revealing that she is only 14 years old. These records were then mysteriously deleted as soon as the age of the young gymnasts came into question.

Since these suspicions started the investigation committee has been using a special search engine to dig through the cache on the Chinese government website, hoping to uncover these deleted birth records.

You know, they really don't have to go through all that. If they really want to find out which members of the team are underaged I know of a definitive way they can tell.

All they have to do is toss a Pokémon toy onto the mat, then sit back and watch to see which of the gymnasts scamper to play with it. Problem solved. Investigation closed.

Give a squirrel a nut :)

8 Squirrels Squirreling

I'd pounce that Pokémon like a spider monkey! It's ears look like bananas! :)

You get them there bananas monkey!

I'd also suggest having the Olympic events later in the day - say "when the street lights come on" Those who are underage will have extra pressure and stress being out after their curfew. The extra stress will result in most likely lower marks.

Fantastic idea.

Hopefully this isn't used...I'd hate for her entire family and grammar school class to be killed over this incident.

Brilliant, why aren't we working for the IOC?

But ... dude ... it's CHINA. Don't they all shit themselves when they see Pokemon?

Hahahahaha. That was hilarious.
I bet taht would do the trick. Why spend all that money and time on investigation, when you can get a stuffed Pokemon for mere cents! :D hahaha.

Thanks for posting.
I would have never thought of that myself!

Great story! You've solved the case. Another way to tell if a gymnast is too young to compete is if they have to take breaks when they are hungry to breastfeed...what? Was that too far?

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