The Majestic Two City Tour (Seattle Edition)  

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The past couple weeks The Acorn King has logged quite a bit of miles flying around.

For my first stop on the tour, I slapped on my best flannel and headed north to Washington State. I like to think that my dad started the whole grunge scene. I mean, he was wearing flannel shirts and ripped jeans in Seattle long before it became fashionable.

I know it's a Seattle stereotype that it's always raining, but every time I've ever visited there it's been sunny. This time was no different, I landed in Seattle on a Thursday night and was greeted by clear skies. Here's a photo I took out of the airplane window prior to landing.

Not that bad a view eh? However a few hours earlier this is what I saw out my window.

After having a few beers with the monster on the wing, we rested up and set out early the next morning to a small town up north named Sequim — pronounced Skwim.

My grandparents have lived in Sequim most of their lives and I have to say...ain't no party like a Sequim party! Sequim ranks among the top retirement communities in the United States — but the party don't stop there, because each year they throw two of the worlds wildest parties.

The Lavender Festival.

And The Irrigation Festival.

It's like they say, "What happens in Sequim stays in Sequim." On our way up we stopped for breakfast and were lucky enough to be waited on by a horse obsessed waitress. This woman couldn't stop talking about her "studs." Finally after about five minutes of chatting about her horses, she takes our order and leaves to get our coffee and juice, when she returns she's holding four old photos of her horses. She tosses the photos down on the table and we proceed to enter the following conversation.

Waitress: So these are my babies, aren't they beautiful?

Acorn King: (Pretending to be interested) Oh wow, yeah those are nice horses.

Waitress: I tell ya, best company I've ever had. Better than any man.

Acorn King: (Nervous laugh)

Waitress: I'm not kidding. Tall, dark, handsome.

Acorn King: And hung like a horse, right. (nudges waitress)

I was then showered by disapproving looks from everyone within earshot, except my cousin who burst into an uncontrollable laughing fit. At least it got her to shut up about the damn horses. So we finnish our food and head back out onto the open road.

After a couple hours we arrived in Sequim, where we picked my grams up, grabbed some booze, ice and drinking cups (Dora The Explorer Dixie cups were the only kind she had).

We then took our traveling party up to the Olympic Game Farm, which is a drive-thru animal park in the Olympic Mountains. At the entrance of the park you can purchase loafs of bread to feed the animals, who obviously don't believe in the Atkins diet.

So we were now armed with booze, 20 loafs of bread and two cameras.
We entered the park and were greeted by animals great and small.

It didn't take long before our car was surrounded by hungry animals craving carb treats.

Now, I don't know if you've ever smelled a Yak, or Bison's breath, but I can best describe it as a combination of hot garbage and rotting peas. The first time one of these guys stuck their head in the car and breathed on me I seriously almost threw up. After seeing this, my cousin (who was driving) thought it'd be funny to play a game called "Stop the car by an animal, set the child lock on my window, and throw bread onto my lap." It wasn't cool.

Next we played a game called "Throw the bread slice in the bear mouth."

Nice catch!

Sometimes you make a nice grab.

Sometimes you take a slice to the face.

We hung out in Sequim for a while longer, then we took a ferry across the water to our hotel.

(Doesn't this photo look like I shot it in a bathtub, or something?)

Now we finally made it back to the hotel, where we managed to get free wireless acess after my cousin complimented the woman working the front desk on her "beautiful" long hair. The woman looked like Steve Perry, from when he was in the band Journey. Hawt.

Now it was time to kick my shoes off and enjoy a little R&R.

I'm not sure why the bedspread had these creepy moths on it, but it made me want to put the lotion in the basket.

When I woke up the next morning, guess what was on TV in Seattle?

This was one of those rare moments of awesomeness, sort of like that time I gave myself a "Dutch Oven" in Holland (true story).

So I watched a little Sleepless In Seattle, then I compensated for it by boarding another fairy and going over to the Washington State, Oklahoma game. I don't watch college football, but I knew that Washington was a huge underdog in this one.

Since I'm a college fan of the UConn Huskies (and I was at the Washington Huskies game) I was going to come to the game dressed in all my UConn gear, telling everyone that I thought the Huskies were playing a road game. Regardless, the Washington Huskies lost this one 55-14, both Washington scores happened while I was out getting drinks.
(Btw...The Connecticut Huskies won their game 45-10).

That was it for this trip! Stay tuned for an update on my latest trip to NYC.

Give a squirrel a nut :)

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7 Squirrels Squirreling

Good story, love the horse bit. Your award is posted. Also, I think what would've made this story better is more pictures.



If your grams likes booze and Dora The Explora drinking cups, she's my kind of gal.

Love those videos of the week, btw ( I'm a big fan of Bill Maher). And all that Plain stuff - scary/funny.

Loosecannon: I think the post could use more pictures, feel free to make the corresponding animal sounds at home.

Prefers her fantasy life: Thanks for the props on the videos. I know politics and humor shouldn't mix, but would someone tell that to candidate Palin. Bill Maher rocks the casbah.

You gave a bear bread? By hand? You're a crazy squirrel-man. No doubt about it. Looks like a fun little "get close to nature" trip. Probably a good contrast from the NYC one.

ps- I LOL'd at the conversation with the waitress.

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