Bad Local Ads  

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Sure we've all seen the "just like a mini mall" local ad from a couple years ago, and if you haven't then you need to crawl out from under that rock.

This ad proved that sometimes local TV ads are so bad, they're actually good. However, I think I just found some local ads that aren't in danger of that.

This one is so awesome that I was left speechless after watching it. I think this one is actually one of the best things I've seen in some time.

Christopher Knight for School Board

Cracka please! I want to get Richard Prior from the movie "Car Wash" to come and pimp slap you for making this ad.

The Credit MacDaddy

I'm guessing they were trying to be bad on purpose with this one.

Discount Seafood Warehouse

Is this their idea of hot models? Is that first girl a talking orange, or just a Jersey girl that fell asleep in the tanning bed?

J&P Auto Mart

So this is what happens to all those football players that graduate high school and still think they're tough.

Attorney Denvil Crowe

I'm embarrassed for this guys family.

The Pizza Barn

I wonder what our countries frontiersman would say if they could see this commercial (after they got over the whole moving pictures in a box thing).

Martin Fine Furniture

The only thing better than a bad local ad, is a bad local ad blooper!

This one is so awesome, I don't even know where to start. Please be warned that there is some strong language in this one. My favorite line has got to be:
"Yeah focus, that's what I need to do. I should have thought about that 30 years ago, probably would've helped, otherwise I wouldn't have ended up in Pinetucky selling fu*@ing beds."

Beds 4 Less

At least this commercial demonstrates the springs.

The Furniture Guy

This guy is just a tool.

Gallery Furniture

There are so many bad local ads that I'm not even scratching the surface with these, but I hope they were at least entertaining.

Give a squirrel a nut :)

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hahaha! Those, my friend, are some seriously horrible, distrubing and hilarious ads!!

My fav is the lobsta from Boston Propa. ;)

positively awesome!

Check this one out:

For thirty years some guy who owns a bike store has forced his kids to make commercials. It was cute when they were little but now...

In the Philadelphia area, we used to have a men's clothing store called Krass Brothers. Their commercials were hysterically awful. Check out the youtube link:

I don't even know where to start ! That was hilarious!!

ha...good shit.

favorite moments:
J&P Auto Mart with the Jersey skanks spread out all over the cars.
customer: yeah, i' to return this vehicle please.
dealer: why? it's not running?
customer: no, it's not that. it's just that...umm...i think it gave me herpes.

the discount seafood warehouse was def a spoof, but it's freaking genius though

Awesome stuff sir. Rickey loves his local ads. Loves em.

Dear Acorn King: RUFKM has an award for you. You will be able to see this when it posts tomorrow morning at 6 AM. Set your alarm clock and try to sleep.

Loose Cannon

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