Talk To Strangers.  

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So I discovered a random online chat service a couple weeks ago, it's called Omegle and by "random," I mean random.

When you first log-on the computer pairs you up with a total stranger. You don't know their age, if they are a guy, girl, or mythical beast. You don't know where they live, or even if they like the band Toto. You don't know anything and this is where the hi-jinx ensues. Basically, whatever the first person types is what starts the conversation, so I decided to have a little fun with this. Here are the first three conversations I had on Omegle.




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10 Squirrels Squirreling

OMG this is priceless!Seriously AK ... I can't WAIT to try this!!!!!!

LOL. I think you found yourself a BFF with the weed stranger.


i would totally have your baby so that you may eat said baby.

ps - just linked this at The Diary of Fools.

that is all.

This is hysterical...I'm dying. Almost as good as the Craigslist games.

LOBO: I know, this website is addictive. I was lucky I got three people that I could play off of. I did have another couple people that just ended the conversation right away.

FANTASY LIFE: Totally, he's down to just smoking copious amounts of ganja, while I toss deli meat and crab apples at hookers. I'd like to see EHarmony match compatibility on that level.

BLAINE: I love a good batter-dipped baby. My friend, Steve, and I actually have a ton of strange IM conversations about this topic, not sure how that one started, ha.

BLAINE: Thanks for the link man!

KIKI: Thanks to you too Kiki, I know, there's just something funny about getting peoples reactions to ridiculous things. I do need to post another CL Post, I actually tried a month ago, but I didn't get any good responses, I'll have to try again.

This is amusing but there are some statements here that I find inaccurate. The main one being that Erik Estrada ALWAYS needs the money. Also, I have found that the mystery meat in a Subway Cold Cut Combo sticks to a hooker's face the best. Strange but true.

You need to does this often! And leave it to Cannon to know which meat sticks best to a hooker :p

You are hilarious! BTW, I am totally going to try this! I hope I get to talk to a mythical beast... (preferably a dragon).

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