It's Never A Good Idea To Prank My Family.  

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So my cousin from Dallas (pictured to the left, showing us where his poop comes from) recently had a prank played on him by his friend, Raja. 

Apparently Raja sent my cousin this tacky airplane keychain, pictured to the right. The keychain was packaged in a nice box, including a professional-looking form letter and an invoice for $350! It included his credit card number, address and phone number. He somehow even had it mailed from New York. When Adam called the number on the invoice he reached a pissed off dry cleaner in Manhattan. He then called his credit card company to check if the charge had gone through yet and they said that it hadn't. Raja let him stew in this one right-up until Adam was about to cancel his credit card, it was at this point that he finally fessed-up to the prank.

Adam called me looking for some ideas on how to get back at his friend, we came up with one we liked, and this is how he carried it out. 

First, he printed-up all these fliers advertising the opening of a new pizza restaurant called "Sir Pizza," advertising free 24-hour delivery and unbelievable pizza and wing deals. Of course, the number on all the fliers was that of his dear friend, Raja.

Adam then proceeded to paper a nearby college campus with these fliers — thoroughly covering all the dorms. He then posted the following genius ad on the Dallas Craigslist:

Free Pizza!

We are having our soft opening tonight and trying to work out all the kinks before our grand opening next week. So we're offering a FREE LARGE PIZZA to the first 10 customers! All I ask is:
1) You tip my driver.
2) Are within 15 miles of uptown.
3) You give me feedback.
4) If you like the pizza - tell your friends!

Not only did Raja get a ton of phone calls from hungry college kids, but my cousin also got a ton of emails from his Craigslist post. A lot of people asked for free pizza, two wanted delivery jobs, and one offered to do the advertising for the new restaurant. My cousins favorite email out of all of them though, was the one he received below.

"YOU Mutha fucker don't be putting fake numbers Bitch ass!"

By the way, the "Sir" in Sir Pizza stands for "Suck It Raja." 
Nice work, cuz.

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Wow, I really can't figure out which prank is better! Both are equally awesome in their own ways. Kudos to Raja and Adam.

Totally, both equally great pranks.

Too Funny!!!

I assume you've already witnessed the youtube video capturing the complete mental breakdown of a lotto prank. If you haven't, it goes like this:

1. Friends buy a lotto ticket with the winning numbers from the previous day.
2. Friends Tivo'd the previous night's lotto show
3. Victim watches prerecorded show, thinks he won $30 million
4. Victim weeps.

Check it out on Youtube. In addition, like revenge, Sir Pizza is a dish best served cold.

That is awesome. Keeping a relative up all night is always a nice way to get back at him.

Personally, I like to leave a pumpkin on the front porch with a knife through it, holding up a note that says "You." That way, they feel like someone really doesn't like them too much.

I just watched that lotto prank, that was a dick move. If my friends did that to me I'd be taking Muskrat's pumpkin advise.

That lotto prank was great! Raja has actually tried to get me back already. He called my apartment leasing office asking if it was OK to breed pit bulls in my apartment. They obviously said "no" so he escalated it to management. Luckily I found out about it before he put the "free puppy" ad on Craigslist with the management’s phone number and a note saying that they would have all of the relevant info.

P.S. That pic is accurate. That is where my poop comes from.

One more thing…I am working on my next prank. I think I am going to have a bunch of gay porn magazine subscriptions sent to his office (I think this was an Acorn King idea)…explain that to your cube-mate.

Anyone have a better idea instead?

Ha, nice, if that pit bull prank had worked I would have suggested you start wearing a Michael Vick jersey around the office.

The subscription idea is a winner too, I did it with my old boss and some subscriptions to the Oprah mag & Cat Fancy.

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