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So I just checked this analytics service I use for my blog, to see which search terms are leading people to my site and I was delighted to discover that my number one search term was: "Old Woman Porn," sweet!

Now, I'm pretty sure this has got to be due to my: "That Time I Found An Old Woman's Porn Stash" post from last year. Actually I'm sure it is, because anyone arriving at this blog, hoping to catch a bifocal full of wrinkled-racks, or time-worn-taints, would be colossally disappointed.

Of course the irony of this is, by writing this post, I've now doubled my chances of disappointing those searchers stumbling upon my blog for the first time. So, as to not make this a total waste of their time, here you go. You're welcome.

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9 Squirrels Squirreling

Okay, you now have gotten me back for making you stare at my bare Snuggie ass.

Almost. Almost.
Oh, by the way, I saw were some people were organizing Snuggie bar crawls on Facebook. I think you should organize one in The A-T-L.

Whoa. I did not need to see that this afternoon. Thanks not. ;)

Ha, no problem. At least they weren't real, it was a shot from Something About Mary.

Oh, AK that was just gross. My favorite key word is Spongebitch.

Spongebitch, nice. Sounds like what might come out of Sponge Bob's mouth if he were a pimp.

You can't fool me. I know E.T.'s boobs when I see them.

Time has not been kind to E.T. and his boobies.

lol those do look like ets tits haha.owwwwch

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