Random Acts of Boredom #1  

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Sometimes when I'm bored I like to dress beer bottles up like people and pose them in random scenarios. 

In this picture, two sober O'Douls bottles coerce a drunken St. Pauli Girl to strip her label off. Budweiser lies passed out on the couch in the background.

My friend Colleen and I made this particular masterpiece back in the winter of 2000. 
I like to call it: "Enjoy Irresponsibly."

8 Squirrels Squirreling

That is nothing short of awesome - oh, and crazy too!

Oh! I want to see a holiday scenario staring the drunk St. Pauli girl!!

That's classic..... Your a trip. I have a habit of ripping off wet beer labels and walking around with them stuck to my forehead. This looks like much more fun.

Why is it Bud drinkers can't hold their alcohol? Look at the fun they're missing out on!

I wish I had this kind of inspiration last night. I had a little bottle of Jager and a little bottle of Southern Comfort I could have used. You need to do a holiday skit, as suggested by Catherinette-- maybe a New Year's one.

The King is back!

Please post more. Thank you for your cooperation.

Ha! I thought you were making Gwar action figures.

That's awesome! Very funny stuff.
I'll be back for sure!
Thanks for stppping by The Brain Twinkey Zone!


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