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So my last joke Craig's List post (listed below) was actually taken seriously by some people. I had mentioned that one email I received might be a joke, but since then I've realized this woman really thought I was giving away "bored games," this is what transpired:

"Hey I would be interested in having these games I have been looking for games on Craigslist. Call me at (785) ***-**** or (785) ***-**** and I can pick them up today. Paulina."

(When I didn't respond she emailed back.)

"Did you get my reply earlier today about the games. I would like the games to play with the family. Do you still have them and may I have them. You can reach me at a Topeka number (785) ***-**** and if that number is busy call me on the cell (785) ***-**** Thanks, Paulina."

(So I think she's pulling my leg, so I play along.)

"Hello, unfortunately all the games are gone except the penny game. I still have the three cents left if you're interested. It's fun for the entire family and if you get bored of it, you can spend it!"

"Too bad i missed the other ones. But I will take the penny game but need time to pick it up and where and also phone number if i get in the area and can not find your home. i went to pick up the books I had gotten tonight but for once i did not do map/directions before going there. i thought it was simple to find her but found out one street did bunch of jogs. I did not have her phone number. needless to say drove around a lot and asked for directions for that street but most did not know. Even got out phone book and wrote down directions but not right, I winged it and found it --about two hours later. Of course it was way across town from where i live. Bummer and don't want to repeat that again. Sommer is one thing, winter is different thing. Hope you understand."

(No I'm sorry I don't understand. How could anybody really think this Craigs List post was real?! Even if you didn't read it, all you have to do is look at the images attached. A paper ball, an eraser, a drawer filled with change, and a plastic cup. How the hell do you look at all those images and think I'm giving away board games? Anyway, I emailed her back explaining the post.)

"About the game, I'm not sure if you read the post in its entirety, but it was just a comedy posting I put up. The "game" only consists of 3 regular pennies. The post was all about little games I invented for myself while sitting at home bored. I thought you were just playing along with the post when I first emailed you back, but now I'm thinking that you might not have read it entirely. If you'd still like the three pennies "game" I'd be more than happy to drop them in an envelope and mail them off to you (because I actually live in LA). Sorry for the mixup."

"Sorry I guess I missed that! You are right in not reading them through the games. I am trying to come up with games to play with the family and so forth. Even play games with myself. Any suggestions would be helpful. Again, i missed it alttogether. I guess we both can have a laugh."

(Now I'm not correcting her broken english in these emails, I'm copying them as they were sent to me so you can share in my confusion — so not only didn't she get that this post was a joke, but she's also asking me for game ideas that she can play with herself, so I emailed her back with a couple board game suggestions, then I get this back.)

"I have never been into games much. Yard darts, checkers when i was younger but when working i guess i never found time for games. But just moved here and trying to get games going for when family comes over. I did get a (what i call) a washer game. It is something like horse shoes but instead of the stake in ground and horse shoues you have 4 largeer plastic coated washers you thoow into a stationary cup located inside of a square box. But when you throw it it makes noise and the cat i got from my grandson was a cat that lived in the basement and when the kids were asleep he would get in bed with the boy. Now this cat is kind of afraid of people and sudden noises. But he likes attention."

"Ok, did you follow that? A cat that's scared by noises from a cup game, that likes to jump into bed with "the boy," but is now afraid of people. But likes attention." Makes perfect sense to me. I'm going to leave these email chains at that before this woman thinks I'm her pen pal. Hopefully somewhere out there is a quiet game that her and her cat can enjoy.

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9 Squirrels Squirreling

Hey A.K. - This chick is a little scary. Nobody could possibly be that dumb. She's the crazy cat lady that everyone had once growing up living on their street.

That is awesome. Just think--this woman probably votes! And drives!

Holy shit.

No, seriously, this is BRILLIANCE.

You totally have to do more experiments like this. I'm sitting home bored and it entertains me to no end. Who the hell needs pennies or yard darts for that matter?


I just keep thinking of that Beatles' line "All the lonely people..."


hate to bother you again. Was just wondering if you could send me your HTML in an email so i could look through it and see where yours is different so I could get our logo up in the banner. It's killing me that I can't figure it out. Thanks for the help. you site is great.


Meanwhile, she`s blogging about how she`s scamming someone out of their pennies....

Hey! Now I want the 3 pennies! All I have are 2 dimes and a nickle.

This is indeed some sort of penny scam. Everyone should beware...and Bee I will trade you the 3 pennies for the 2 dimes and a nickle, I'll even throw in some pocket lint. Deal?

No. Effing. Way!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ive long been a huge fan of these Craigslist posts but this will never be topped! Ever! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

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