Things Craig Didn't Like Me Posting On His List (#6)  

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With unemployment rates up, I thought I'd offer some "bored games" for people sitting at home doing nothing. I posted these in San Fran, Portland, Topeka, Vegas, and Minneapolis. I got a couple replies from San Fran (always good to me), but the response was definitely best this time in Portland & Topeka. Congrats Portland & Topeka, you're the coolest city winners this time!

I ran into a few road blocks when trying to post in a few other cities, apparently some cities are requiring you to have a Craigs List membership just to post things. Well Ladi-Da Philly, New York, Atlanta, Boston and Rhode Island. No fun for you.

Here are a few responses I received:

Then I received a few responses from people who I think thought these were real games, either that or they were just screwing back with me:

This one I received from Topeka Kansas was my favorite of them, because they had emailed me this afternoon and when I didn't get back they emailed me again this evening seeing if they could pick the games up. They even left their cell # incase I had trouble reaching them.

So I had to email them back, still waiting to see if they'll respond to my email. I wish I had a way of taping a phone conversation if I called them.

Gotta love those GOOD TOPEKA PEOPLE!

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7 Squirrels Squirreling

Post in Chicago and I'll send you a Vienna beef sausage or something.

So are you saying you won't register in Philly??? I feel deprived of the fun.

Yeah, I have to admit I was surprised that a meager registration was enough to kill the deal. Show some heart dammit!

I really cant believe that Kansas one. Imagine if that were really some psycho that was hoping to find her next victim to murder?

Sorry the ATL did you wrong. These are good, but I gotta love the dog shit best.

Flat out side-splitting!!! Now I wanna do one. Like "Mouse Trap," but it's only the board and the box, and it doesn't have any of the 100 doohickies you had to assemble. I'll either call it "Mouse Crap," or I'll try to get more money by advertising it as the "less work" version.

(Did anyone ever bother playing that game? I just set up and triggered the doohickies over and over)

Thanks for the laugh!!

I tagged you for a "7 whores meme."
If you're a cool fratboy like I assume, you'll write something as good as I did. Unless you're a pussyboy, that is.

Kate: Beef treats for Chicago posts, I'm in! Just as long as Chicago lets me post in their city of wind.

Momma: Philly is a fine place, so why are they blocking the entire city from the unbridled joy that is The Acorn King?!

Steve: The Acorn King is wanted in 18 states and areas of the crab nebula. This is why he doesn't want to register with Craig and his stupid list. Plus he's one stubborn squirrel.

Muskrat: Poop is always funny and can only be beaten by poop containing corn.

Lobo: I'm with you on the Mouse Trap game, I never played that was always more fun to just set the traps up and have them fall on my Star Wars toys. Greedo never stood a chance. Muahahah.

Muskrat: I was a fratboy in a former life and lets just say...if a keg needs to be tapped, or a beer needs to be funneled...I'm your man. I'm not sure what a "7 whores meme" is but I'm going to your page to look for explanation. Snoogins.

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