Killer Bread (Fleshly Baked).  

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Are you a serial killer?
Do you love the taste of a freshly baked loaf of bread?

Then I've got the bakery for you! I recently stumbled upon this grotesque bakery while doing a google image search.

Since 2006 bread artist Kittiwat Unarrom has operated this disturbingly unique Thailand bakery, sculpting these doughy creations in the form of human body parts.

Yup, those are all pictures of bread below — or so I think.

I gotta admit, I think that Kittiwat Unarrom's creations are very skilled, but I would find it hard to sink my teeth into a loaf of raisin bread that resembles a human arm.

Maybe Kittiwat should come over to America and work as a sandwich artist for Subway?
"I'll have a six inch Cold-Cut Trio on the toasted face of Jared Fogle please."

Give a squirrel a nut :)

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14 Squirrels Squirreling

Okay: I know I aint a "psychologist" and I aint a "Nurse" (YET-- wait till december!)


I am almost 99% sure.. that this "bread baker" has some serious fucking issues.


Should be further evaluated... to rid his sould of evil

Who the hell does that??? Absolutely disgusting...

No kidding! The fact that the bread is wrapped under cellophane and hanging on meat hooks ain't helping his cause.

If I could give you 6 smileys for showing the pic of Bale in American Psycho...I would.

The sex scene where he flexes in the mirror with "sussudio" blaring in the background it horrifically funny.

Ha, I'm glad you liked that. That's my favorite scene in American Psycho, classic.

What happens when special effects artists lose their movie contracts...

Well-done indeed, but I suspect the fellow's one muffin short of a dozen. :)

Its such a strange combo, bread and body parts... I'd hate to see what this will do to feeding ducks!

Wow! That is one seriously messed up individual, but what I really want to see is the folks who make the human head pumpernickle the centerpiece on the Thanksgiving table.

LOL! That is so gross! I love it!

okay, when do we hear about the trip? i guess you're away from a computer right now, huh? either that, or you're just being a dick.

Damnit, don't just stare at it, EAT IT!!!!!

inspired by the body parts buried in his backyard, i'm sure...

...i have to return some video tapes.

Nobody thinks twice about eating a santa face or snowman cookie at Christmas. Or those chocolate bunnies at Easter...

I think that guy is the David Lynch of yeast. He rocks!

And damn, I like your tastes in music and film. Another Humor-Blog Dude who gets outside of the box.

What would you do? See Wilco with Neil Young even though you've seen Wilco 4X already this past year?

I need perspective.

hey, when you get back, you'll find that i passed an award your way!

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