Things Craig Didn't Like Me Posting On His List (pt. 5)  

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So it was suggested that my last junk mail posting be converted to a Craigs List posting. So here we go, here is my latest Craigs List post. Coupon edition!

For this listing I tried posting it in new areas I hadn't tried yet: Dakota, Louisiana, Virginia, West Virginia, and Mississippi.

My hopes were that by listing in these smaller places that the posts would might stay up longer and in turn receive more comments...and they did stay up for a long time in these places, but they also received no responses (positive/negative).

My best guess is that these places probably don't use C.L. very much. I know most of my friends living in Connecticut didn't even know what C.L was, while everyone I know in NYC, San Fran, Boston & LA couldn't live without Mr. Craig and his list. I'm still trying to get some sort of response in these cities and as I do I'll add them to this post.

Give a squirrel a nut :)

10 Squirrels Squirreling

a good idea, though it probably won't get quite the response the dog shit offer got!

i wrote about craigslist today, too.

Just wondering if the coupons are still available, if they'll work in MN, and how to get the money to you?

You know how much I DIG your craigs list posts!

What a hoot! Mostly-expired coupons.

Almost as fun as listing them in FreeCycle.

Make sure you let us know how long Craig liked this... or didn't.

I;m still battling to get comments on the actual C.L. post, as they come in I will post them...but having trouble getting this one to stick to the C.L. message board. Grrrr.

You should totally post that on ebay.

I guess everyone in those states is rich and doesnt need money saving coupons?

It's well known that prices listed with a .99 at the end sell better. You should re-post it at 2.99.

most excellent, the coupons come with yet more coupons!

We also hate Craig's List. Check out "Bring Me the head of Craig Newmark" at

Are You F---ing Kidding Me???
Real Life. Real Shenanigans.

In addition, I just gave you 3 smiley faces.

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