Practical Uses For Junk Mail.  

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Ahh California, the golden state. I moved here from New York earlier in the year.

Now, I love New York (that really should be a t-shirt) but it's the only place I've ever lived where I could count on tripping over garbage when walking out the front door.

I have to say that California is super clean, and I think that might be because Californians keep all the junk off the streets, and instead cram it into mail boxes.

I've never received so much junk mail on a daily basis as I have here in the golden state. Here's a picture of all the junk mail I've received JUST THIS MONTH. (and this is only counting the coupon circulars, I'm not counting the junk mail letters)

Who in their right mind needs this many coupons for cat food and chicken? It's hard to believe that all this junk came out of this tiny mailbox.

Unwanted waste coming out of a small area, now what does that remind me of?

So now that I've collected so much junk mail, there's got to be something I can do with it all! I tried framing some of it, hoping it might add a little pizzaz to my apartment — however I don't think it's really doing much for the place. What do you think?

Artwork on the left comes courtesy of Spacemonkey.
Artwork on the right comes courtesy of KFC.

I was unsatisfied with my first attempt to find a practical use for my junk mail, so I searched the web to see what other people were doing with their junk mail. Here's what I found:

They make hats out of it.

Some people wrap packages with it.

Many clean-up after their pet with it.

Others make jewelry out of it.

Some make purses with it.

Others make clothing out of it.

This person made tiny trees out of their junk mail.

This person actually makes really cool artwork with it.

This angry person made a giant tank out of it.

And this constipated person made a giant boat out of it.

As for me, I just line my waste basket with it.

If you also live in California and would like to rid yourself of some of this junk mail, here's some info a friend of mine passed along on how to unsubscribe from a few of the culprits:

But you can save the time, and just call 1800-422-4116

Click the box on the left side "remove my name from those lists".
This one takes a few steps, and if you don't want to pay the dollar "convenience charge," then you'll have to print out the page and send it in. This takes a few minutes, but should be well worth it.

Give a squirrel a nut :)

16 Squirrels Squirreling

I like to put the coupons into the prepaid postage envelopes and then send them to the credit card companies. I like to share and they should be allowed to save too, especially since they were kind enough to give me free postage.

That's awesome, I'm going to try that!

I like the KFC free cooler ad in the frame!!
I'll have to try that!

You DO get a lot of junk mail! I get more in envelopes than fliers and I just give them to the dog. For some reason she loves to shred mail. I don't mean a few tears and she's done, this is honest to goodness CIA/FBI-worthy shredding. I will pack her up and send her to you if you'd like...unless you have little kids. In her warped little pea brain, kids = junk mail.

I've been collecting coupons for cat food for many, many years. Do you even know what a 1987 $0.15 Off Fancy Feast is even worth these days? Seven bucks! Save those circulars, they can be a goldmine later in life!

the art is WAY cool, but I absolutely refuse to WEAR junk mail. The key word here is JUNK.

Steve has it spot on.

I used to save up all the pre-paid envelopes from the credit cards, and make a large drop at the mailbox. It was a very satisfying thud.

You are wise mister owl. Not only is it satisfying but I like to picture the looks on the peoples' faces when they open up the envelope and get their coupons instead of credit card leads. I wonder if they laugh as they open up my coupon mail or if they get irritated. Either way, Im getting my enjoyment.

AK - These stacks of coupons shouldnt just be reserved for credit card company employees. Maybe Craig knows someone who could use them?

Steve's got it! See how much Craig likes those!

Great idea Steve, I think we have our next Craigs List post.

Yes, I ALWAYS mail stuff back in the pre-paid envelopes. I figure, hell, they've paid to get SOMETHING... why not a kroger circular? Or see what's on sale at payless... And, I saw some cool things you can do with the mail...

HOWEVER, I can't get past that guy with the fro and guts body suit!!!!!!!! I haven't thought about that guy in YEARS. It's not bugging me that I can't remember his name or really what show it was. I do rememeber being totally creeped out as a young child.

Please refresh my memory as to who his freaky freak was...

I know, I always thought that guy was freaky, had to bring him back for this. His name is Mr. Slim Goodbody.

yep, i too put offers in the pre-paid envelope and send it back. only i write on the paper inside "do not ever send me any more advertisements or offers again. ever." and then stick "esq." at the end of my name, like that scares them or something. i have been known at times to draw a middle finger on the paper as well, but that was when i was young and an asshole (like 2 weeks ago).

A Slim Goodbody reference. I tip my cap to you sir...

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