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I stumbled upon this enema kit for cats the other day. I'm rarely taken back when I see products catering to unique pet needs, but this one sort of grossed me out. I couldn't see myself sticking a water syringe up anyone's a-hole, much less a cat. How do you even know your cat is constipated? You can easily tell if a dog is, because you walk it several times a day, but cats poop on their own. I mean, if I owned a cat and didn't have to clean the litter box for a few days I'd feel fortunate. I wouldn't immediately start looking for ways to manually excavate my pet's colon. 

Has anyone out there actually had to do this? Is anyone out there doing this right now?
If you answered "yes," would you consider coming over and snaking my dogs pipes? McGruff hasn't pooped in a few days. However, if you plan on giving him an enema, you'll have to talk him out of his London Fog coat first—he's very fond of flashing joggers in the park.

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Crazy you posted on this, my Mom had to do it last week to poor Jack. You can tell a cat isn't pooping because their bellies get extended. They had to hold Jack down and tape his mouth closed. I don't think my Mom will ever be right again :)

Oh no. Having to tape a cats mouth closed while you shoot water up its butt, that sounds like one hell of a traumatic event.

I haven't given a dog an enema since "the incident."

See ummm... Maybe it's just me, but isn't that what a vet is for. I don't care how much it costs I'll pay it... I'll pay it to avoid squirting water up my cat's ass!

Mcgruff needs washout. Its a jamaican tea that will definitely 'set him free'. Worked a treat - sure it would work just as well on a doggy!

Given my cats' aversion to water on any part of their bodies, that would not be a pretty scene.

Stumbled upon? Yeahhhh right hehe

NEVER and I repeat never ever even remotely considering shoving anything up a cat's ass is a given.

However, in the event that my cat was constipated the question remains how does one ensure their entire person, room, and/or house doesn't get sprayed with liquid cat cack...?!

Thanks, but if Fluffy needs an enema, he is going to the VET (where they are used to getting shit on by clients and their furry critters)!

As a general rule I never stick any object in any cat's ass. Call me old fashioned.

I do however enjoy sticking tons of objects in the ass' of small woodland animals. Call me a visionary.

That's why I've seen so many dead raccoons, skunks, and squirrels along the side of the road lately.

I'm a vet, and trust me, it's about as fun to give an enema to a cat as you would imagine.

There's a condition that some cats get called mega-colon (truth in advertising!) that can require them to have enemas on a regular basis.

If my cat needed one, I'd pay someone else to do it. Somewhere far away from my house.

(Oh, and for all you DIY people out there -- don't ever use a Fleet enema on a cat since the phosphate will kill the cat. That's the public service announcement part of this comment.)

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