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I just heard the other day that the WB Television Network has gone off the air for good, and will now be broadcasting over the internet.

'Tis a sad day in TV land. I never even got a chance to say goodbye to their sweet lovable
Al Jolson-like frog mascot, "Michigan J. Frog."

It seems like just yesterday I was curled up in front of the WB with a big bowl of Pop Tarts, a cold Shasta,
and a hot "Sister, Sister" marathon.

I can't help but think that if they had just one more good show, that they might have been able to stay on the air. In tribute, I present to you a show which could have been a ratings beast for The WB. I call it:
"Def Country Club Jam."

Introducing the Country Club Comics:

Russell Simmons, creator of the hilariously popular ‘Def Comedy Jam,’ brings you his latest comedic triumph. Introducing; Russell Simmons Def Country Club Jam! — Mother Jokes Addition.

Hosted by Chip Cartwright.
(A preppy white guy with sweater tied around his neck, smoking a pipe, gives a cheesy grin as he nods to the camera.)

Watch in amazement as these Country Club crackas push the
limits of good taste.

(We now see three preppy socialites hanging out in a country club.)

Buffy, your stepmother is so rotund that the dame wears a VCR in place of a beeper device.

Oh, snap!

Oh no you didn’t Montgomery.

Yes. I believe I just have.

And don’t forget about Hildegard Monroe, as she brings down the guest house with this rich quip.

Your mother is so uneducated; she thinks a pre-nup is the first course of a five course meal.

You’ll die laughing as top Country Club comics like William Bentley III roast mothers all over the Hamptons,
with this gut-busting boarding school classic.

Bentley III:
Your mother is so unattractive that even our immigrant gardener won’t date her.

(Bentley drops the mic and walks off stage, we hear boisterous harrumphs, followed by applause.)

These crackers ain’t for eatin’, Thursday nights on The WB.

Give a squirrel a nut :)

7 Squirrels Squirreling

Listening to that little "yo mamma" skit on that odio program with the insane voice made it extra funny. I just put it on my site, but it only plays 30 second clips. Give me a shout at b/c we want to get the full deal on "Are You F---ing Kidding Me??"

Also, I added you to our blogroll.

Your blog is hilarious. I had to check it out when I saw you were following us. I'm gonna have to go digging in your archive now. You've been duly bookmarked.

Hildegard: Your mother is so large,when she backs up, she beeps.

Montgomery: I don't follow you, Hildegard.

Hildegard: Jeeves tells me garbage trucks beep when they're backing up. It's to keep the plebes from getting killed when they're looking for food.

You had me at 'a cold Shasta'...

I actually payed extra on Dish network so I could get WB and watch Buffy the vampire slayer way back when.

I'm glad I'm a lot older and watching Battlestar Galactica now.

Putting "The" in front of the name always seemed a little uppity. Nobody says "I'm going to watch the CBS for a while, and after that, a bit of the TNT."

First off-- did I ever tell you I LOVE your header.. Omg. I pretty much laugh everytime I see it.

Oh and the Wb was like my main source of TV growing up. I loved sister sister!

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