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Have you ever gone over a friends house and found yourself judging them on the stupidest things? Like why they have that copy of the movie "Tomcats" sitting on their dvd shelf, or how that "Color Me Badd" CD just happened to find its way into their music collection.

I find myself doing this all the time, but one stupid pet peeve that really gets to me is how some people load toilet paper onto the holder in their bathroom.

For some odd reason I have very strong convictions on how the t.p. should be it it conditioning...or call it just plain crazy, but I just think it's weird to mount the roll so the toilet paper is facing backwards.

I was once told that sometimes people with cats, or small kids (kids as in children, not baby goats) do this to prevent them from spinning all the toilet paper off the roll, which makes sense I suppose...but I'm still going to turn their roll around when they aren't looking!

Which way do you think is right? Take the poll below and let me know if I'm alone on this one.

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Yeah - I turn other people's TP around too. OCD.

What I love is when hotels take the hanging end and fold the sheet to a point. For what I'm about to use it for, we're not going for fancy here, are we?

whoa, whoa, whoa. tomcats is an excellent movie. i think it set the standard for the sweet/funny/gross out movies of this decade. plus jerry o-connell is hot.

When people get this wrong I usually take the roll off of the dispenser, soak it in toilet water and leave it on the floor.

Keep that in mind if I'm ever over for drinks.

I believe it's Color Me Badd. :)

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I used to be a front-hanger, but our cat will stand up like a meerkat and spin twenty yards of paper off the roll for sh*ts and meows and its a pain in the butt, so we turned it around.Am I redeemed at all by telling you I have a magnificent free-standing dispenser that holds one roll on top, three on the bottom, and can be placed at the ready wherever you like it, to avoid unnecessary craning around or wrist distress? And it spins free as the wind.

It is true that cats like to unwind the roll if it's hanging in the front. Let's face it though, cats shouldn't wipe... thats creepy.

Toddlers however should wipe but they will unwind the roll no matter how you have it facing... then most likely flush the whole roll down the toilet... along with your tooth brush and the cat.

Sinister Dan, I like the way you think kid and I would never want to cross you. Ha.

Kathy, I agree the folded point is so not needed. It's like that paper they put across the toilet top. I like to think of it as the finish-line tape and try to break thru it by peeing on it.

I agree Leigh. Jerry O'Connell is a good looking dude, but I can't help but picture him as the lovable little chubby kid in 'Stand by Me'. Talk about baby fat...damn.

Oh yeah, shoot...making that correction on 'Color Me Badd'. Tick-tock you don't stop.

Shield Maiden, I am in awe of your t.p. dispenser.
I've actually gotten wrist injures from poorly placed dispensers. This could help me look past the backwards roll sitting atop it.

Until next time, save a tree and use both sides of the toilet paper!

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I once heard that if you load the toilet paper backwards and then wipe with it, the next time you poop it comes out of your mouth. That's why I've always made sure to load it the correct way.

Down in Miami, our hotels take their TP displaying seriously...

Ha ha. True-dat Space Kitten! I actually saw your cat using it to wipe the other day...then she buried the toilet paper under her kitty litter. Makes me wonder what else she has buried under there. Jimmy Hoffa perhaps?

Nice Steve, glad to see they agree with us and are not doing that little pointy thing with the t.p., those rolls better be soft though. I like my rolls so soft that it feels like I could be using my grandmother's comforter. Sorry granny.

I agree with you-- The roll should be the way YOU say..


Next time punish them for doing it wrong.

Take the whole role and keep it.


if i could rate the comment you left on my blog today, it'd be a LOL for certain! good stuff.

Holy crap! I thought I was the only one. (And sorry about the shitty pun. Ooops.)

As for judging your friends for the stuff they have lying around, you betcha. I used to know this woman and we had been friends for about a year when she introduced me to what seemed to be an obviously gay man. So we're hanging out, having some drinks, etc. and then she casually mentions that he's her husband. Everyone in the room was like, whhhaaaaattttt??? But he's...well, he's...ummm, isn't he, uhm....

Then about a year later I was hanging out at their place and I noticed that in his office he had the entire DVD series of Queer as Folk and I was like BINGO.

Fast forward one more year (I'm quite old) and I found out they got divorced because he was having an affair with a dude at work (at the theatre). I was like, "Oh REALLY. You don't say. I'm sorry to hear that." But what I was thinking was, "REALLY?! You REALLY didn't know??? Baby girl the CLUES were OMNIPRESENT."

Whoops. Didn't mean to go off on a tangent.... Enjoyed your blog!!!

I vote rolling it over.

If you unreel it too quickly when it's rolled under, in might spin off randomly and fall into the hands of the very ninja assassin you are defending against.

(or the cat's)

Arrrg!! There's nothing worse than searching for the starting end of the toilet paper at 3:00 in the morning...unless it's falling into the pot because someone left the lid up. We should remember this when we go to the polls to vote in November. It's a national threat to our sanity.

I just leave it on the counter. No controversy that way, and I can tell if I'm out from across the room!

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