'Tis The Season  

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This weekend I had the pleasure of seeing "drunken ghetto Santa" at the Atlantic Avenue Mall in Brooklyn. He was sitting outside of the Target and was all slouched down in his chair. Three women walked by and he proceeded to leer and mumble something about being naughty or nice in their direction.

The women looked over at Santa and replied “Ok Santa, whatever.” (snaps fingers and shakes head) Santa smirked and continued to leer at the three women and just as they passed by his chair he pointed at each one with a dark outstretched finger saying: 


God I love Christmas in Brooklyn.

*Artist representation

3 Squirrels Squirreling

That is awesome! I like that guy, even though we probably have precious little in common.

ps- fix your blogroll. i moved, remember! you're directing others to the location you apparently hated.

I was NOT drunk, man. I was under the influence of a lethal combination of Viagra, Enzyte, and Rogaine. And those bitches asked for it.

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