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As you know, The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien has been having a ton of problems with NBC and is probably going off the air very soon. So Conan decided to list his show on Craigslist (see original posting on left). You all know how much I love posting things on Craigslist, so here is my offer.

If you're wondering why I have a beard made of bacon, well, my fiance lovingly hand crafted it for me. The beard was part of a package I put together for a job I applied for. Tough economic times call for delicious facial prosthetics.

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Hmm, yeah..economically speaking, at $45 mil methinks Conan made out alright..however it is pretty funny that he's making light of this whole late night fiasco.

Dollars to doughnuts though (or in this case, bucks to bacon beards), I doubt Conan would need, nor want, a beard made of bacon. Even as awesome as it is.

But as a friendly gesture I will gladly take the bacon beard off your hands.
I have the following for trade:
1) a three-day old, partially eaten Subway sandwich (I think it was tuna salad, hard to tell now)
2) a broken wheel barrow (it is missing the wheel assembly and one handle)
3) a 14-inch pencil--the "Jumbo Jotter" (think of all the writing you can do with that!)
4) an epileptic ferret (great conversation starter and ice breaker at parties or AA meetings)
5) Rod Stewart's cd box set, 'Soulbook' (it's not Barry Manilow, but a second best)

Shipping and handling would be your responsibility. Let's do business!


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