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Maybe it’s because I work as a creative in advertising and pay far-far-far-far too much attention to stupid things like this, but what’s going on with this outpouring of “Got Milk?” spoofs I see everyday? At first I thought it would go away over the years, but it’s only gotten worse.

About three or four years ago I started noticing a “Got ____?” spoof here and there, then as I tuned into that frequency and started paying more attention, I noticed it was getting way out of control. For example, this week alone I saw 5 different “Got ” spoof ads just going about my everyday life. Really? How old is this original ad campaign? (insert sour milk joke here)

Ok, we get it! We see the formula! To be clever you just have to say "Got" and then add whatever it is you're selling behind it. Ahhhhh...brilliant!!!

I will now prove that I too am an advertising genius, by whipping-up some new creative for the following clients:

Client: A Suit Shop
Headline: Got Suits?

Client: A Church
Headline: Got God?

Client: An Internet Dating Site
Headline: Got Singles?

Client: A Medical Marijuana Caregiver
Headline: Got Ganja?

Client: A Money Lender
Headline: Got Green? (also works for marijuana caregiver)

Client: A Youth Basketball Camp
Headline: Got Game?

Client: A Car Dealership
Headline: Got Wheels?

Client: A Real Estate Agency
Headline: Got Listings?

Client: A Video Rental Store
Headline: Got Movies?

Client: A Butcher
Headline: Got Beef?

Client: Dry Cereal
Headline: Forgot Milk?

Feel free to post your own "Got ___?" sayings in the comment section below, that way maybe we can collectively get this one out of our systems for good. Good talk. Good talk.

9 Squirrels Squirreling

Client: My own suicide from seeing too many of these stupid ads
Headline: Got a shotgun?

You know what other campaign needs to be put to bed? THe fuckin Geico commercials with the stupid cavemen. Enough already. Its just not funny. Oh, and the TV show was a total failure. Time to do something new and earn your goddamn paycheck. And yes, thats how I really feel.

It just proves our country is getting dumber by the day. No one can think for them selfs anymore. Just pick a shepherd and say "Baaa"

how about "got clap?" in front of a VD clinic.

this dead horse has been overly-beaten for a while now.

Ha, amen to all that.
And that Geico lizard really needs to crawl back under a rock too.

What do I do now? - my whole blog, all my jokes....Got... slaughtered!

My personal favorite is a t-shirt being worn by a "yummy mommy" that reads "Got MILF?"

You got got? Pauly Shore style?

Nice, I'm picking up the Entourage reference and I like it.

this entire post is the exact thought process i have any time i see a got milk?spoof. a special spot in advertising hell awaits all these wackass biters. truth.

by the by...great job on this site. like it a lot. look for a link soon at --- checking your musical sensibilities on your bio, i think you might dig our recent post on q-tip.


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